New Caledonia

South Pacific Islands

Island Greens, Ocean Views

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New Caledonia
May 2024

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New Caledonia


Experience Golf in a South Pacific Eden.
Best months to visit
Closest airport
La Tontouta
Interesting fact
The lagoon that envelops the entire archipelago is the largest in the world.
Recommended golf courses
Tina Golf, Exclusiv Golf de Déva, Garden Golf de Dumbéa
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In the heart of the South Pacific, New Caledonia emerges as a tropical paradise, captivating the hearts of travelers with its unique blend of French elegance and island serenity. This enchanting destination offers an escape into a world where the wonders of nature and the sophistication of French culture merge seamlessly.

Epicurean Delights & Refined Living

In New Caledonia, the fusion of French culinary finesse with tropical abundance creates a gourmet's delight that's as exquisite as its luxurious accommodations. The island's dining experience offers a symphony of flavors, showcasing the best of French gastronomy and fresh local produce. This culinary journey is complemented by the island's accommodations, where French elegance meets tropical serenity. Each hotel and villa, imbued with a chic French flair, provides a haven of comfort and style, ensuring that every moment of your stay is enveloped in luxury and sophistication.

Paradise Greens & Ocean Dreams

New Caledonia, a twice-proclaimed tropical paradise, offers a blissful escape where the allure of pristine beaches and azure waters melds with the golfer’s ultimate dream. The Exclusiv Golf de Déva, renowned as one of the best golf course resort in the South Pacific Islands, presents a captivating challenge for golf enthusiasts. Here, amid the lush landscapes and breathtaking ocean vistas, each round of golf is not just a game but an immersive experience in nature's grandeur. This blend of tropical island charm and world-class golfing creates an unparalleled haven, inviting you to indulge in both relaxation and sport in a setting of extraordinary beauty.

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New Caledonia

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